High Stakes Poker Strategy I Nanonoko I $5/$10 ZOOM on PokerStars Part 1

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Watch as poker wizard Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew shows us a masterclass of how to play ZOOM poker at one of the highest levels. This is part 1 of 2 and you can find Part 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew5iahjxpTU





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20 thoughts on “High Stakes Poker Strategy I Nanonoko I $5/$10 ZOOM on PokerStars Part 1

  1. Good stuff I like the zoom because you don't have to wait around.If you want to see the hand play out when you have folded why play zoom?

  2. It's funny how you call OTB_RedBaron a 'very good player.' He's actually the BEST poker player in the world, lol, not just 'very good.'

  3. Ey nano, could you consider the idea of doing a nl2 6max video? I would like to see you playing against totally impredictable aggro players, just to learn from your thought process

  4. Hi Randy, hope this question isn't too silly but what is the reasoning behind betting half pot on flop while most of your turn bets are at least 3/4 pot? I figure since pot odds for "chasing" decline drastically after the turn, you can still stick with 1/2 pot? Thanks!

  5. u said allot off time im up this ammount pretty easy to go up when u insta rebuy to 1k lmfao

  6. Appreciate this video, good to see what you do differently/how you handle situations I struggle with.

  7. What's up Randy been following you for some time, at 41:45 Katz0r made a lead bet, you said that is unusual for these stakes, playing 1/2 I see this a lot. Why is this move not common for these stakes and what might his range be if Katz0r was a skilled player?

  8. Hi, why is balancing your range so important when you almost never get to showdown anyway? How are your opponents going to see enough showdowns to decide your range in very specific situations accurately? Isn't it better to adjust mainly on what your opponents have seen the few times in the past, if they have seen anything at all. Why constantly think about balance?

  9. How do you adjust your calling range in position when these opponents are 3 betting with a wide range in the blinds. Are you calling with a wider range of hands? Also, how do you adjust your 4 bet range? Thanks

  10. good video but had to stop watching cause of the way you pronounce "button", made me want to kill myself

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