Marty Plays Mass Effect: Episode 5 – Benezia and the Rachni Queen

As Marty and Alanah continue their playthrough of Mass Effect, they reach the first major choice of the game: To kill or not to kill the Rachni Queen

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11 thoughts on “Marty Plays Mass Effect: Episode 5 – Benezia and the Rachni Queen

  1. find these vids hard to watch, i feel like you can tell marty just isn't enjoying the game at all, not fun watching someone struggle through and not appreciate a game you love lol would be better to just play it by himself in my opinion. playing the game for 40 mins while talking over it the whole time then picking it up two weeks later and doing the same isnt gonna immerse you in this great game and world…

  2. Marty, how about using biotic powers every once in a while, makes the gameplay alot more fun as well as strategic.

  3. I'm sure you've been made painfully aware you opened the wrong door turning the peaceful guards on you. also totally should have brought Liara on this mission.

  4. I tried using the controller with the PC version it does not work, How are you using the controller? Great Video!

  5. marty u better hurry up man, we havent forgot ur vow to finish the trilogy before Andromeda, and the clock is ticking my friend

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