Mohegan Sun Video Poker Jackpots

6 hand pays over the course of 90 minutes. Also earned over 300 points in that time. Honestly this all started by putting in a slot machine… Winning 00 on my first spin, then parlaying it into k playing / and sometimes 5 bets on the video poker machines.

19 thoughts on “Mohegan Sun Video Poker Jackpots

  1. I think that $1,200 is the line that requires a hand pay and filling out a form with your social security number. I have always thought that you are better off winning a jackpot of $1,100 over a jackpot of $1,200.

  2. I wish my wife understood the "going for the big one" attitude… Or would that be mode?? Lol! I call it "the white whale" win, thus 20-25k plus hit. I like your spirit. Keep up the good "work". 

  3. I do well at Mohegan Sun.  Sometimes I don't play max bet.  I play what I can afford.  I believe whats meant to hit will hit.  You seem to be lucky!!  Good for you and thanks for posting!!

  4. People keep commenting "Why don't you play one more credit?!". The pay table on the right is for 25 credits ($125/bet), not one more credit.

  5. Bro that was absolutely sic. For those who say he's going around finding these machines already paid out notice the ceiling mural behind his head its the exact same each time. 

  6. why are you not betting max dude, kinda counter productive to bet high denom and not max bet

  7. $5 denomination is bold. But you are throwing money away by not betting one more credit for the max bet. I hope you were having them take out federal on each of those hand pays…

  8. Some days you hit 4 of a kinds every 15 min or so. Other days, you play for hours and never hit 4 of a kind once. I think he had a lucky night.

  9. Seriously??? Pay attention to the background over his right shoulder…it NEVER changes when he pans back to himself!!!

    I hope I have this good of luck when I hit the video poker machines.

  10. That's awesome! I always play the Double Double Bonus too. I hit the 4 Aces with a deuce kicker two weeks ago on a $1 machine (paid $2K). I typically play either the $5 single hand machines ($25 a hand) or the $1 Triple Play or 5 Play machines ($15-$25 a spin). I tend to like the multi-hand machines better in case you get a good starting hand it gives you more opportunities to hit the big one . . . . but whatever you were doing on this machine seemed to be working all right, hahaha!!!! 

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