Texas Holdem Poker – Game Review – Free Gameplay Trailer [Mac App Store]

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Texas Holdem Poker Free – the only poker app that will never keep you waiting. We guarantee a server response in 0.1 second, 100% uptime and a reply to any question within 10 minutes. Hard to believe? Just try it and see for yourself.

Texas Holdem Poker Free app boasts:
– True randomness of card shuffle;
– Cross-platform solution: one account for the iPhone and iPad apps;
– 100% uptime;
– Monthly tournaments with players from your country;
– Bargain prices on extra chips;
– 24/7 live support. We answer in 10 minutes;
– Lots of opportunities to socialize with other players.

Play Texas Holdem Poker Free and:
– Choose one of two game variants available: Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi;
– Participate in tournaments and play at high stakes tables;
– Send messages in public or private chat in the lobby or at the table;
– Talk to opponents in your native tongue (6 most popular languages available);
– Unlock over 150 achievements;
– Share your results on Facebook and Twitter.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us! We answer any question within 10 minutes 24 hours 7 days a week.

Why play Texas Holdem Poker Free? Because IT IS AWESOME!

More great features:
– Table selection according to your preferences;
– Several login options: via Facebook or Gamecenter, new account, Guest game;
– Account with an uploadable avatar and detailed user info;
– Integrated music player.
– iPhone 5 compatible
– iOS 6 compatible
– added option of posting table screenshots on Facebook & Twitter
– added option of inviting friends to play at your desk by using QR codes
– new bonuses, promos & special offers

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