13 thoughts on “World Series Of Poker 2016 – MAIN EVENT – Episode 13 HD 720p

  1. At the end, Kassouf fell to his own tactics. He talked and talked … the canadian snapped and made Kassouf lose it and go all in.

  2. Best TV Ending…..Did Rio plant the cards to get rid of Kassouf's chatter chatter? LOL
    Kassouf deserved this ending…..Karma is a bitch. Could have ended with a little grace from Benger.
    Don't hate on Kassouf or Benger. Its POKER.ENJOY

  3. I felt for the guy a bit till he said "Check your privilege".
    Hope that guy gets fucking punched in the face.

  4. Its a bit ironic Kassouf got baited by the same speech play tactics he employs. Unnecessarily putting your tournament life on the line at such a late stage is questionable even with pocket Aces, because even that hand is beatable. Benger might not have known it then, but he played Kassouf into shoving with that 'verbal abuse' remark, making him go all-in when the hand didn't really deserve 14-million shove.

  5. Kassouf was the only nice person at the table after the fish'n'chips guy left. Not a bad word out of him. Not one person asked him nicely to stop talking while in the hand. Not willing to shake his hand after his defeat… wow, how sad is that! Perhaps a cultural difference in sportsmanship, who knows… It's hard to cheer for any of the remaining players. Well, perhaps Hallaert, the Belgian guy.

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